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CSMT Reception WiMIR/Diversity Reception Grand Canal Cruise + Garden Concert ISMIR Banquet + Performance Unconference

Main Conference Program

Oct. 23
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08:20 Registration
09:00 Registration Welcome Oral #3: Cultural Data Oral #5: Rhythm & Classification Registration
09:20 Oral #1: Musicologies Oral #7: Symbolic
10:00 Morning Tutorials Coffee Coffee
10:20 Board Vote
10:40 Coffee Keynote #2:
Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith
Keynote #3:
Dr. Roger Dannenberg
11:20 Keynote #1:
Dr. Elaine Chew
Community Meeting
11:40 Lunch + Poster #2 Lunch +Poster #3
12:00 Suzhou to Paris
12:20 Lunch + Poster #1
12:40 Industry Panel Future of Music-IR Panel Lunch + Late Breaking / Demos + MIREX Posters
13:20 Women in MIR (WiMIR)
13:40 Break Break
14:00 Afternoon Tutorials Oral #4: Multimodal Oral #6: Structure
14:20 Break
14:40 Oral #2: Multitrack
15:00 Coffee + Posters #2
15:20 Coffee + Posters #3 Unconference
16:00 Coffee + Posters #1
17:00 Light Dinner
18:00 Reception @NUSRI WiMIR/Diversity Reception Grand Canal Cruise + Garden Concert ISMIR Banquet + Community Performance

Detailed Program

Oral Session 1: Musicologies
When: Tuesday Oct. 24, 2017, 9:20am – 10:40am
Where: Auditorium
Multi-Label Music Genre Classification from Audio, Text and Images Using Deep Features
Sergio Oramas, Oriol Nieto, Francesco Barbieri, Xavier Serra
The Significance of the Low Complexity Dimension in Music Similarity Judgements
Jeff Ens, Bernhard E. Riecke, Philippe Pasquier
Towards Computational Modeling of the Ungrammatical in a Raga Performance
Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Preeti Rao
A Collection of Music Scores for Corpus Based Jingju Singing Research
Rafael Caro Repetto, Xavier Serra
Oral Session 2: Multitrack
When: Tuesday Oct. 24, 2017, 2:40pm – 4:00pm
Where: Auditorium
Monaural Score-Informed Source Separation for Classical Music Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Marius Miron, Jordi Janer, Emilia Gómez
Deep Salience Representations for F0 Tracking in Polyphonic Music
Rachel Bittner, Brian McFee, Justin Salamon, Peter Li, Juan P. Bello
An Analysis/Synthesis Framework for Automatic F0 Annotation of Multitrack Datasets
Justin Salamon, Rachel Bittner, Jordi Bonada, Juan Jose Bosch, Emilia Gómez, Juan Pablo Bello
Make Your Own Accompaniment: Adapting Full-Mix Recordings to Match Solo-Only User Recordings
TJ Tsai, Steve K. Tjoa, Meinard Müller
Oral Session 3: Cultural Data
When: Wednesday Oct. 25, 2017, 9:00am – 10:00am
Where: Auditorium
Quantifying Music Trends and Facts Using Editorial Metadata from the Discogs Database
Dmitry Bogdanov, Xavier Serra
The Music Listening Histories Dataset
Gabriel Vigliensoni, Ichiro Fujinaga
Artist Preferences and Cultural, Socio-Economic Distances Across Countries: A Big Data Perspective
Meijun Liu, Xiao Hu, Markus Schedl
Oral Session 4: Multimodal
When: Wednesday Oct. 25, 2017, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: Auditorium
Learning Audio-Sheet Music Correspondences for Score Identification and Offline Alignment
Matthias Dorfer, Andreas Arzt, Gerhard Widmer
Video-Based Vibrato Detection and Analysis for Polyphonic String Music
Bochen Li, Karthik Dinesh, Gaurav Sharma, Zhiyao Duan
Decoding Neurally Relevant Musical Features Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
Nick Gang, Blair Kaneshiro, Jonathan Berger, Jacek P. Dmochowski
Oral Session 5: Rhythm & Classification
When: Thursday Oct. 26, 2017, 9:00am – 10:00am
Where: Auditorium
Transfer Learning for Music Classification and Regression Tasks
Keunwoo Choi, György Fazekas, Mark Sandler, Kyunghyun Cho
Drum Transcription via Joint Beat and Drum Modeling Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks
Richard Vogl, Matthias Dorfer, Gerhard Widmer, Peter Knees
A Formalization of Relative Local Tempo Variations in Collections of Performances
Jeroen Peperkamp, Klaus Hildebrandt, Cynthia C. S. Liem
Oral Session 6: Structure
When: Thursday Oct. 26, 2017, 2:00pm – 3:20pm
Where: Auditorium
Sampling Variations of Sequences for Structured Music Generation
François Pachet, Pierre Roy, Alexandre Papadopoulos
Quantized Melodic Contours in Indian Art Music Perception: Application to Transcription
Ranjani H. G., Deepak Paramashivan, Thippur V. Sreenivas
Modeling the Multiscale Structure of Chord Sequences Using Polytopic Graphs
Corentin Louboutin, Frédéric Bimbot
Structured Training for Large-Vocabulary Chord Recognition
Brian McFee, Juan Pablo Bello
Oral Session 7: Symbolic
When: Friday Oct. 27, 2017, 9:20am – 10:20am
Where: Auditorium
Modeling and Digitizing Reproducing Piano Rolls
Zhengshan Shi, Kumaran Arul, Julius O. Smith
Comparing Offertory Melodies of Five Medieval Christian Chant Traditions
Peter van Kranenburg, Geert Maessen
Counterpoint by Convolution
Cheng-Zhi Anna Huang, Tim Cooijmans, Adam Roberts, Aaron Courville, Douglas Eck
Poster Session 1
When: Tuesday Oct. 24, 2017, 12:20pm – 1:20pm & 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Where: NUSRI Cafe and Corridor
A Framework for Distributed Semantic Annotation of Musical Score: “Take It to the Bridge!”
David M. Weigl, Kevin R. Page
A Music Player with Song Selection Function for a Group of People
Jun’ichi Suzuki, Tetsuro Kitahara
A Post-Processing Procedure for Improving Music Tempo Estimates Using Supervised Learning
Hendrik Schreiber, Meinard Müller
A Statistical Analysis of Gamakas in Carnatic Music
Venkata Subramanian Viraraghavan, Rangarajan Aravind, Hema A. Murthy
Accurate Audio-to-Score Alignment for Expressive Violin Recordings
Jia-Ling Syue, Li Su, Yi-Ju Lin, Pei-Ching Li, Yen-Kuang Lu, Yu-Lin Wang, Alvin W. Y. Su
Acoustic Features for Determining Goodness of Tabla Strokes
Krish Narang, Preeti Rao
Automatic Sample Detection in Polyphonic Music
Siddharth Gururani, Alexander Lerch
Chord Recognition in Symbolic Music Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
Kristen Masada, Razvan Bunescu
Confidence Measures and Their Applications in Music Labelling Systems Based on Hidden Markov Models
Johan Pauwels, Ken O’Hanlon, György Fazekas, Mark B. Sandler
Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Beat Tracking: A Dancing Robot Application
Aggelos Gkiokas, Vassilis Katsouros
Early MFCC and HPCP Fusion for Robust Cover Song Identification
Christopher J. Tralie
Exploring the Music Library Association Mailing List: A Text Mining Approach
Xiao Hu, Kahyun Choi, Yun Hao, Sally Jo Cunningham, Jin Ha Lee, Audrey Laplante, David Bainbridge, J. Stephen Downie
Fast and Accurate: Improving a Simple Beat Tracker with a Selectively-Applied Deep Beat Identification
Akira Maezawa
FMA: A Dataset for Audio Analysis
Michaël Defferrard, Kirell Benzi, Pierre Vandergheynst, Xavier Bresson
MidiNet: A Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network for Symbolic-Domain Music Generation
Li-Chia Yang, Szu-Yu Chou, Yi-Hsuan Yang
Modeling Harmony with Skip-Grams
David R. W. Sears, Andreas Arzt, Harald Frostel, Reinhard Sonnleitner, Gerhard Widmer
NMED-T: A Tempo-Focused Dataset of Cortical and Behavioral Responses to Naturalistic Music
Steven Losorelli, Duc T. Nguyen, Jacek P. Dmochowski, Blair Kaneshiro
Performance Error Detection and Post-Processing for Fast and Accurate Symbolic Music Alignment
Eita Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Yoshii, Haruhiro Katayose
Piece Identification in Classical Piano Music Without Reference Scores
Andreas Arzt, Gerhard Widmer
PiPo, a Plugin Interface for Afferent Data Stream Processing Operators
Norbert Schnell, Diemo Schwarz, Joseph Laralde, Riccardo Borghesi
Ranking-Based Emotion Recognition for Experimental Music
Jianyu Fan, Kıvanç Tatar, Miles Thorogood, Philippe Pasquier
Scale- and Rhythm-Aware Musical Note Estimation for Vocal F0 Trajectories Based on a Semi-Tatum-Synchronous Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model
Ryo Nishikimi, Eita Nakamura, Masataka Goto, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii
Score-Informed Syllable Segmentation for A Cappella Singing Voice with Convolutional Neural Networks
Jordi Pons, Rong Gong, Xavier Serra
Towards Automatic Mispronunciation Detection in Singing
Chitralekha Gupta, David Grunberg, Preeti Rao, Ye Wang
Understanding the Expressive Functions of Jingju Metrical Patterns through Lyrics Text Mining
Shuo Zhang, Rafael Caro Repetto, Xavier Serra
Poster Session 2
When: Wednesday Oct. 25, 2017, 11:40am – 12:40pm & 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: NUSRI Cafe
A Metric for Music Notation Transcription Accuracy
Andrea Cogliati, Zhiyao Duan
A Multiobjective Music Recommendation Approach for Aspect-Based Diversification
Ricardo S. Oliveira, Caio Nóbrega, Leandro B. Marinho, Nazareno Andrade
A Study on LSTM Networks for Polyphonic Music Sequence Modelling
Adrien Ycart, Emmanouil Benetos
Audio to Score Matching by Combining Phonetic and Duration Information
Rong Gong, Jordi Pons, Xavier Serra
Automatic Interpretation of Music Structure Analyses: A Validated Technique for Post-Hoc Estimation of the Rationale for an Annotation
Jordan B. L. Smith, Elaine Chew
Automatic Playlist Sequencing and Transitions
Rachel Bittner, Minwei Gu, Gandalf Hernandez, Eric J. Humphrey, Tristan Jehan, P. Hunter McCurry, Nicola Montecchio
Automatic Stylistic Composition of Bach Chorales with Deep LSTM
Feynman Liang, Mark Gotham, Matthew Johnson, Jamie Shotton
Clustering Expressive Timing with Regressed Polynomial Coefficients Demonstrated by a Model Selection Test
Shengchen Li, Simon Dixon, Mark D. Plumbley
Discourse Analysis of Lyric and Lyric-Based Classification of Music
Jiakun Fang, David Grunberg, Diane Litman, Ye Wang
End-to-End Optical Music Recognition Using Neural Networks
Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Jose Javier Valero-Mas, Antonio Pertusa
Exploiting Playlists for Representation of Songs and Words for Text-Based Music Retrieval
Chia-Hao Chung, Yian Chen, Homer Chen
Freesound Datasets: A Platform for the Creation of Open Audio Datasets
Eduardo Fonseca, Jordi Pons, Xavier Favory, Frederic Font, Dmitry Bogdanov, Andres Ferraro, Sergio Oramas, Alastair Porter, Xavier Serra
From Bach to the Beatles: The Simulation of Human Tonal Expectation Using Ecologically-Trained Predictive Models
Carlos Cancino-Chacón, Maarten Grachten, Kat Agres
Function- and Rhythm-Aware Melody Harmonization Based on Tree-Structured Parsing and Split-Merge Sampling of Chord Sequences
Hiroaki Tsushima, Eita Nakamura, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii
High-Level Music Descriptor Extraction Algorithm Based on Combination of Multi-Channel CNNs and LSTM
Ning Chen, Shijun Wang
Identifying Raga Similarity Through Embeddings Learned from Compositions’ Notation
Joe Cheri Ross, Abhijit Mishra, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Preeti Rao
Improving Note Segmentation in Automatic Piano Music Transcription Systems with a Two-State Pitch-Wise HMM Method
Dorian Cazau, Yuancheng Wang, Olivier Adam, Qiao Wang, Grégory Nuel
Large Vocabulary Automatic Chord Estimation with an Even Chance Training Scheme
Junqi Deng, Yu-Kwong Kwok
Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations for Music Content Analysis
Saumitra Mishra, Bob L. Sturm, Simon Dixon
Lyric Jumper: A Lyrics-Based Music Exploratory Web Service by Modeling Lyrics Generative Process
Kosetsu Tsukuda, Keisuke Ishida, Masataka Goto
Multi-Pitch Detection and Voice Assignment for A Cappella Recordings of Multiple Singers
Rodrigo Schramm, Andrew McLeod, Mark Steedman, Emmanouil Benetos
Onset Detection in Composition Items of Carnatic Music
Jilt Sebastian, Hema A. Murthy
Song2Guitar: A Difficulty-Aware Arrangement System for Generating Guitar Solo Covers from Polyphonic Audio of Popular Music
Shunya Ariga, Satoru Fukayama, Masataka Goto
The SEILS Dataset: Symbolically Encoded Scores in Modern-Early Notation for Computational Musicology
Emilia Parada-Cabaleiro, Anton Batliner, Alice Baird, Bjoern W. Schuller
Poster Session 3
When: Thursday Oct. 26, 2017, 11:40am – 12:40pm & 3:20pm – 5:20pm
Where: NUSRI Cafe
“I’m at #Osheaga!”: Listening to the Backchannel of a Music Festival on Twitter
Audrey Laplante, Timothy D. Bowman, Nawel Aamar
A Database Linking Piano and Orchestral MIDI Scores with Application to Automatic Projective Orchestration
Léopold Crestel, Philippe Esling, Lena Heng, Stephen McAdams
Analysis of Interactive Intonation in Unaccompanied SATB Ensembles
Jiajie Dai, Simon Dixon
Automatic Drum Transcription for Polyphonic Recordings Using Soft Attention Mechanisms and Convolutional Neural Networks
Carl Southall, Ryan Stables, Jason Hockman
Automatic Drum Transcription Using the Student-Teacher Learning Paradigm with Unlabeled Music Data
Chih-Wei Wu, Alexander Lerch
Chord Generation from Symbolic Melody Using BLSTM Networks
Hyungui Lim, Seungyeon Rhyu, Kyogu Lee
Cover Song Identification with Metric Learning Using Distance as a Feature
Hoon Heo, Hyunwoo J. Kim, Wan Soo Kim, Kyogu Lee
Examining Musical Meaning in Similarity Thresholds
Katherine M. Kinnaird
Exploring Tonal-Dramatic Relationships in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Frank Zalkow, Christof Weiß, Meinard Müller
Feature Discovery for Sequential Prediction of Monophonic Music
Jonas Langhabel, Robert Lieck, Marc Toussaint, Martin Rohrmeier
Generating Nontrivial Melodies for Music as a Service
Yifei Teng, Anny Zhao, Camille Goudeseune
Geographical Origin Prediction of Folk Music Recordings from the United Kingdom
Vytaute Kedyte, Maria Panteli, Tillman Weyde, Simon Dixon
In Search of the Consensus Among Musical Pattern Discovery Algorithms
Iris Yuping Ren, Hendrik Vincent Koops, Anja Volk, Wouter Swierstra
Informed Automatic Meter Analysis of Music Recordings
Ajay Srinivasamurthy, André Holzapfel, Xavier Serra
Intelligibility of Sung Lyrics: A Pilot Study
Karim M. Ibrahim, David Grunberg, Kat Agres, Chitralekha Gupta, Ye Wang
Lyrics-Based Music Genre Classification Using a Hierarchical Attention Network
Alexandros Tsaptsinos
Metrical-Accent Aware Vocal Onset Detection in Polyphonic Audio
Georgi Dzhambazov, André Holzapfel, Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Xavier Serra
Mining Labeled Data from Web-Scale Collections for Vocal Activity Detection in Music
Eric J. Humphrey, Nicola Montecchio, Rachel Bittner, Andreas Jansson, Tristan Jehan
Multi-Part Pattern Analysis: Combining Structure Analysis and Source Separation to Discover Intra-Part Repeated Sequences
Jordan B. L. Smith, Masataka Goto
One-Step Detection of Background, Staff Lines, and Symbols in Medieval Music Manuscripts with Convolutional Neural Networks
Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Gabriel Vigliensoni, Ichiro Fujinaga
Optical Music Recognition with Convolutional Sequence-to-Sequence Models
Eelco van der Wel, Karen Ullrich
Re-Visiting the Music Segmentation Problem with Crowdsourcing
Cheng-i Wang, Gautham J. Mysore, Shlomo Dubnov
Singing Voice Separation with Deep U-Net Convolutional Networks
Andreas Jansson, Eric J. Humphrey, Nicola Montecchio, Rachel Bittner, Aparna Kumar, Tillman Weyde
Sketching Sonata Form Structure in Selected Classical String Quartets
Louis Bigo, Mathieu Giraud, Richard Groult, Nicolas Guiomard-Kagan, Florence Levé